Nokio is designed to solve the problem of wondering what to watch. 
Among the clutter of Multiple Online Reviews & A.I Recommendations, we bring you Ratings, Reviews, and Recommendations from your close group of Family and Friends.
Movies and shows, your family and friends are watching.
Scroll through and find the content your Circles, from across the globe, are watching.

With Nokio, identify what’s trending and which popular title you would want to watch next.
Rate & Review
Assign stars like a pro!
Share your opinion and views on what you liked with your circles.

Simply assign your rating and share your opinion.
Curate your personal Watchlist based on ratings and reviews from your Circles whose opinions you trust.
Create Circles
Build your own entertainment bubble.
See what your friends and family are watching, all in one place. 

Find people you know and start exploring what everyone else is watching, rating and sharing.

Everyone loves a good recommendation.
Especially when it comes from someone who knows your personal taste. 

Share your personal recommendations with your circles so they don't miss out on a great title.