Frequently Asked Questions
What is Nokio?

Nokio brings you the ratings, reviews, and recommendations from your close group of family and friends. Nokio is not driven by an AI algorithm for recommendations or critics reviews. All the ratings and reviews you see are from people you know, whose likes and dislikes you know. You receive recommendations from people who know your taste. It is the most personalized app with reviews coming from your trusted circles.  

Is Nokio Free?

Yes Nokio is free. Enjoy the app to see reviews and get recommendations from your friends and family. 

What do I see on the Home page?

The home page shows you all the movies and shows your friends and family on Nokio have watched and reviewed. You can scroll through this list to find what you want to watch based on the ratings.

What are Circles?

Circles represent your family and friends you added, and groups you have created as well. Under the circles icon you can specifically view what movies and shows each of your friends, family and groups have watched and rated.

What is a Watchlist?

Watchlist is where you will find all the movies and shows you have saved to watch. When you see an interesting review or get a recommendation you can press on the ‘Add to Watchlist’ icon to add it to your list where you can find it easily later. You can also add shows and movies to your Watchlist that are yet to release and get notified when they are available to watch.

Are my ratings, reviews and recommendations private?

All your ratings and reviews can be viewed only by everyone in your circles.  Recommendations can be sent to individuals or group circles and can be seen only by them and no one else. If you specifically liked any show or movie and you know someone in your group will enjoy it equally, then send them a personal recommendation so that they don't miss it.

What are filters in the Home tab for?

You can find a movie or a show specifically from the Home tab, using the  different filters that allows you to find something based on what streaming service it's on, genre, ratings, language and more.

How does the rating system work on Nokio?

The rating system of Nokio is unique to each user and will differ from user to user based on the different friends they have on Nokio and who all have rated the same show/movie. It is an aggregate/average rating based on the rating given and the number of people who have rated it specifically from your network.

Can I watch shows on Nokio?

You cannot watch movies or shows on Nokio. It is a closed network app only for sharing ratings, reviews, and recommendations from your network on what to watch on other streaming platforms. Use Nokio to search for a movie or TV show, discover the reviews and where that show is available to watch.

Can I review movies playing in the theaters?

You can rate & review movies that are currently running in theaters and add the ‘Theatre Icon’ that is by default available at the end of every ‘Add Platform’ section while reviewing a movie. This way your Circles will know that the movie is currently playing in the Theatres.